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adikey n also adiky. Cp DC atigi 2 (1934-); Labrador Inuit (1976), p. 24 atigik 'an Inuk parka.' Eskimo hooded outer garment or blouse made of cloth or animal skin; DICKY.
   [1868 CHIMMO 274-5 The missionary gentlemen looked very comfortable, but curious in their entire sealskin suit, the [Esquimaux] women in their 'attigeks' with their sealskin trousers and boots, many of them having their babies in their hoods]. 1907 WALLACE 219-20 The adikey, or koolutuk, of the women, has a long flap or tail, reaching nearly to the heels, and a sort of apron in front ... [The men's] adikey ... reaches half way to their knees, and is cut square around... If they wear two cloth garments at the same time, as is usually the case, the inner one only is an adikey. 1909 BROWNE 27 Over pantaloons of spacious width [the Eskimo] wear a 'Jumper' called 'Adikey' (if made of blanketing). 1916 YOUNG 76 My travelling outfit, in addition to my ordinary clothes, consisted of a pair of seal-skin pants, an adikey, [and] a pair of seal-skin mittens.

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