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babbish* n
babbish* n (supp)
babby n
baccalao n
baccalieu n
baccalieu n (supp)
bachelor's button n
back a
back a (supp)
back av
back av (supp)
back v (supp)
back1 n
back2 n
back2 n (supp)
backing vbl n
bad a
badness n
baff v
bag n
bag n (supp)
bag v
baiser n
bait n
bait n (supp)
bait v
bait v (supp)
baiter n
baiting n
baiting n (supp)
bake-pot n
bakeapple n
bakeapple n (supp)
baker n
baker n (supp)
baking apple n
bald coot n
ball n
ballast n
ballast v
ballicatter n
ballicatter n (supp)
ballicatter v
ballroom n
ballroom n (supp)
bam n
banana n (supp)
bangbelly n
bangbelly n (supp)
banger n
bank n
bank n (supp)
banker n
banker n (supp)
banking vbl n
banking vbl n (supp)
banner n (supp)
banquese ice n
bantam n (supp)
bar over*
bar v
bar1 n
bar1 n (supp)
bar2 n
barachois n
barachois n (supp)
barasway n
barasway n (supp)
barbarous a
barber n
barber n (supp)
bare-legged a
barge n
barge n (supp)
bark n
bark n (supp)
bark v
bark v (supp)
barked p ppl
barked p ppl (supp)
barking vbl n
barking vbl n (supp)
barley over int (supp)
barm n
barm n (supp)
barnacle n
barnystickle n (supp)
barrack head
barrack n
barrack n (supp)
barred p ppl
barrel n
barrel n (supp)
barren a
barren n
barrener n
barrener n (supp)
barrens n pl
barricade n
barricade n (supp)
barricade v
barricado n
barricado n (supp)
barrier n
barring vbl n
barrow v
barrow1 n
barrow1 n (supp)
barrow2 n
barter n
barvel n
barvel n (supp)
bastard a
bat n
bat n (supp)
bat v
batch n
batch n (supp)
bateau n
bateau n (supp)
bath n
bath v
batten v
batter v
battery n
batty catter
batty catter (supp)
batty n
bauk, baulk
bavin n
bavin n (supp)
bawbeen* n (supp)
bawk n
bawk n (supp)
bawl v
bawl v (supp)
bawn n
bawn n (supp)
bay n
bay n (supp)
baygapple (supp)
bazz n
bazz v
bazzer n
bazzom a
be after (doing something)
be's (supp)
be prep (supp)
be v
be v (supp)
beach n
beach n (supp)
beachy bird
beachy a
beak n
beal n
bear n
bearing vbl n
beat v
beat v (supp)
beater (supp)
beater n
beaver1 n
beaver1 n (supp)
beaver2 n
beaver3 n
bed n
bedding n
bedlamer n
bedlamer n (supp)
bee's (supp)
been v (supp)
beer n
beetle n
beetle n (supp)
belay v
belay v (supp)
belk v
belk v (supp)
bell n
bell n (supp)
belly n
belong v
belong v (supp)
bench n (supp)
bend n
bend v
bender n
bending vbl n
beothuk n
beothuk n (supp)
berry1 n
berry1 n (supp)
berry2 n
berth n
berth n (supp)
berth v (supp)
best kind n
betty n
bever1 n
bib n
bib n (supp)
bibby n
bibby n (supp)
bibe n
bide v
biff n
biff n (supp)
big a
biggest kind n phr (supp)
bill n
bill v
billet n
billy n
billy n (supp)
bim n
binder n
birch n
birch n (supp)
birchy a
birchy a (supp)
bird v
bird1 n
bird1 n (supp)
bird2 n
birding vbl n
birding vbl n (supp)
birth v (supp)
bitch n
bitch n (supp)
bitt v
bitting vbl n
bivver n
bivver v
bivver v (supp)
black a
black a (supp)
black n
black n (supp)
blackberry n
blackberry n (supp)
blackening vbl n
bladder n
bladder n (supp)
blank a
blank n
blare v
blare v (supp)
blast n
blasty a
blasty a (supp)
bleacher n
bleater n
blessed a
blind a
blind n
blind v
block n
blocked p ppl
blocked p ppl (supp)
blood n
blood n (supp)
bloody a
bloody a (supp)
blossom n
blow-me-down n
blow-me-down n (supp)
blow n
blow n (supp)
blow v
blubber n
blubber n (supp)
blubber v
blue a
blue a (supp)
boar n
boat n
boat n (supp)
boat v
boatswain n
bob n
bobber n
bobber n (supp)
bobbing vbl n
bobbing vbl n (supp)
bobby-rooter n
bobtail n
bodkin n
body n
body n (supp)
bog n
bog n (supp)
boggan* n
bogger n
bogger n (supp)
boggering vbl n
bogie n
bogie n (supp)
boil-up n
boil-up n (supp)
boil v
boil v (supp)
boiler n
boiler n (supp)
bond store n
bone n
bone v
boneen n
bonfire n
bonfire n (supp)
bonna winkie n
bonnet n
bonnive n
boo n
boo n (supp)
boogyman n
book n
book n (supp)
booshy* n
boot n
bore v
born v
born v (supp)
bostoon n
bottle n
bottle n (supp)
bottom1 n
bottom1 n (supp)
bottom2 n
bottomer n
bough n
bough n (supp)
bough v
bough v (supp)
bounty n
bow1 n
bow1 n (supp)
bow2 n
bowline n
box n
boxy a
boxy a (supp)
boy n
boy n (supp)
brackety a
brail n
brail v
brail v (supp)
brailer n (supp)
bran (supp)
brand n (supp)
brandies n pl
brass-wing(ed) diver n
brazil n
brazil n (supp)
breach n (supp)
breach v
breachy a
bread-and-cheese n
bread n
bread n (supp)
break'er down n
break-deck n
break v
breakage n
breaker n
breaker n (supp)
breakfast n
breaking ppl
breaking ppl (supp)
bream n
bream n (supp)
bream v (supp)
breast n
breast n (supp)
breastner, breastney
breeches n pl
breeches n pl (supp)
breeder n
breeder n (supp)
breeks n pl
breeks n pl (supp)
breeze n
breeze n (supp)
breeze1 v
breeze1 v (supp)
breeze2 v
breeze2 v (supp)
bresna n
brew v
brew v (supp)
brewer n
brewis n
brewis n (supp)
briar n
brickle a
brickle a (supp)
brickly a
bride n
bride n (supp)
bridge n
bridge n (supp)
brim knot
brim n (supp)
brim v (supp)
brimming vbl n (supp)
brin n
brin n (supp)
brindy a
briner n (supp)
bring v
bring v (supp)
briss n
britaniola n
britches, britchet(s), britchin'(s)
broad a
brochet n
broken p ppl
brook n
brook n (supp)
brooker n
broom v
brough a
brow a
brow n
brow v
browal* n
brown a
browse n
browse v
browser n
browsy a
browsy a (supp)
brunet n
brush-harrow n
brush n
brush n (supp)
bubble n (supp)
bubbly squall n
buck n
buck v
buckaloon n
buckety board
buckle n
buckly a
buckly a (supp)
bucky a
bud1 n
bud1 n (supp)
bud2 n
bud2 n (supp)
buddy n
buddy n (supp)
bug n
bulk n
bulk n (supp)
bulk v
bulk v (supp)
bulking vbl n (supp)
bull n
bull n (supp)
bullamarue n
bullet (supp)
bullet n
bulleter n
bully1 n
bully1 n (supp)
bully2 n
bultow n
bultow n (supp)
bumblebee n
bumbleberry n
bumper n
bumper n (supp)
bumps n pl
bun n
bunchy-berry n
bunchy-berry n (supp)
bung-your-eye n
bungalow n
bunk n
buoy n
burgoo n
burn v
burn v (supp)
burn1 n
burn2 n
burn2 n (supp)
burney* n
bush n
busk n
busk v
busker n
buskin n
busy a
busy a (supp)
butt v
butt1 n
butt2 n
butter n
butter n (supp)
button n
buzaglo proper n
by-boat n
by-boat n (supp)
by prep (supp)