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a- (supp)
aa (supp)
aaron's rod n
aback av
able a
able a (supp)
abroad av
according ppl
according ppl (supp)
ackley n (supp)
adam's plaster n
adikey n
admiral n
admiral n (supp)
advent n
adventure n
adventure n (supp)
adventurer n
adventurer n (supp)
after a
after a (supp)
after prep
after prep (supp)
ag a (supp)
agent n
agent n (supp)
ain't (supp) neg
air n (supp)
airsome a
alarm v (supp)
alder n
alder n (supp)
alexander n
alix n
all quall
alley-coosh v (supp)
alley-coosh* v
amalgamated ppl
american a (supp)
american n
amper n
ampered p ppl
ampery a
an seery*
andramartins n pl
angish a
angishore n
angishore n (supp)
angle n
angle n (supp)
anguish n
anguish n (supp)
anighst prep
annett n
ant n
anti-confederate n
anti-confederate n (supp)
anxiety n
apast prep
apast prep (supp)
apple n
aps n
aps n (supp)
apse n
apse n (supp)
apsy a
apsy a (supp)
ar, arra
arch n
arch n (supp)
archangel n
arctic a
aret n
arg v
arg v (supp)
arm n
arn (supp) substitute
arse n
arse n (supp)
arsed a
arsed a (supp)
article n
article n (supp)
ash1 n
ash2 n
ashore av
aspy a (supp)
asquish a
athwart prep
athwart prep (supp)
august n
aunt n
aunt n (supp)
auntsary1 n
aw int
aw int (supp)
awful a
awful a (supp)