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  Corrections to the First Edition
  Preface to the Second Edition
  Dictionaries and Other Works Cited

Below are listed the abbreviations employed in the Supplement, especially in the references found in the headnotes. For a key to the abbreviations used in quoting the sources for the Supplement, see the BIBLIOGRAPHY.

a, adj — adjective, adjectival
A.D. — anno Domini
A-I — Anglo-Irish
attrib — attributive
Austr — Australia
av — adverb
b — born
Brk — Berkshire
c. — approximately; century
C — item in MUNFLA Card Collection
cm — centimetre
Co — Cornwall
CO — Colonial Office [Series]
comb(s) — combination(s)
commun — communication
comp — compiler
Conn — Connecticut
cp — compare with the following term or reference
cpd — compound
CS — Colonials Series
cty, cties — county, counties
D — Devon
det — determiner
Do — Dorset
ed(s) — editor(s), edited by; edition
ed emend — editorial emendation
esp — especially
ff — and the following pages
fig. — figurative
Fr — French
freq — frequent(ly)
Gl — Gloucestershire
Ha — Hampshire
He — Hereford
ibid — the same source
int — interjection
intens — intensifier
Ir — Ireland, Irish
ISER — Institute of Social and Economic Research
m — metre
M — item in MUNFLA Manuscript Collection
MS(S) — manuscript(s)
MUNFLA — Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive
n — noun; note
N & QNotes & Queries
naut — nautical usage
neg — negative
Nfld — Newfoundland
no — northern
P — item submitted by a person
PANL — Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador
Q — item obtained from a questionnaire
T — item in MUNFLA Tape Collection
TS — typescript
U K — United Kingdom
U S — United States
usu — usually
v — verb
var — various; variant
vbl n — verbal noun
vol(s). — volume(s)
W — Wiltshire

* a spelling not attested in printed sources; a spelling devised to suggest an approximate pronunciation: graunyer*
( ) an optional spelling or inflectional ending occurs: shaving(s)
= the preceding term means: example [=gloss]
~ 'the word being defined'; 'the word just mentioned': drudge, ~ barrow
[ ] phonetic transcription; editorial correction or emendation; a relevant quotation which does not contain the word being illustrated; date of first appearance, writing, or, if a ballad, performance.