Analysing Articles

Examining Opposing Viewpoints

Interpreting Folk Songs in History

Interpreting Cartoons

Responding Personally to Historical Information

Preparing to Conduct an Interview

Listening with Discrimination

Generalizing from Historical Data

Analysing Cause and Effect


As you complete these lessons, you will gain an understanding of some of the conditions that resulted in our entry into confederation with Canada.

Roman Catholic classroom on the eve of Confederation, Pouch Cove, September 1948.
Courtesy of Chris Lund/National Film Board. Photothèque Collection/National Archives of Canada/PA-128004. LARGER VERSION (42 kb)

To help you in this study, this web site provides a wide range of materials in the Resource Room: cartoons, newspaper articles, written text, statistics, letters to newspapers, songs, and speeches. Each lesson will direct you to the appropriate materials and the exercises based on them.

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