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Responding Personally to Historical Information

Reverend Lester R. Burry (1898-1977) served as a United Church minister in Labrador. He was an ardent promoter of the confederate cause and was a delegate to the National Convention. Carefully examine these two short speeches he gave to the National Convention and complete the exercises below.


  1. What are the facts of the situation?
  2. In your opinion, why is this situation going on?
  3. Do you think Lester R. Burry's reaction to Michael Harrington is justified? Explain.
  4. Given what Lester R. Burry said, what things did he consider to be important?
  5. What evidence is there to support your opinion about what he considered to be important?
  6. Let's assume you were an anti-confederate sitting in the audience when he gave these speeches. Would your views or position change? Why, or why not?

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