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Those who thought that Newfoundland and Labrador should not enter into confederation with Canada were referred to as anti-confederates. Most members of this group supported the Responsible Government League, which promoted the idea of an independent, country within the British Commonwealth. Other anti-confederates favored economic union with the United States. In its newspaper, The Independent, the League described its aim as "... the restoration of Self-Government; that is a government ... elected by the people and ... responsible for its actions to the people" (Monday, April 19, 1948).

The following task will help you to analyse two short articles, "No More Help from Britain" and "Have Faith in Your Country", carried in The Independent on March 29 and May 13, 1948. The following steps suggest how to examine them.

Suggested Steps:

  1. The central question to focus on is, "Why are the anti-confederates proposing that Newfoundlanders should vote for responsible government?"
  2. Think about this question as you read the articles, "No More Help from Britain" and "Have Faith in Your Country".
  3. After you have read the articles, answer the focus question.
  4. Select a partner and exchange answers. Be prepared to listen to what your partner has to say, and to respond to it with constructive criticism.
  5. After sharing your answers and reactions (e.g., what you liked about it; how it could be improved), create a new answer through discussion.

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