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PART 1: The Classroom Issue Referendum
PART 2: The Community Meeting
PART 3: Writing the Newspaper
PART 4: The Class Newfoundland Referendum
PART 5: Creating the Class Timeline Display
PART 6: Closure


In this snapshot of We Are Canadians, students learn part of the story of Newfoundland's entry into Confederation. This event added a tenth province to Canada and helped to complete the Confederation dream of a country stretching from sea to sea to sea.

Students learn about the process whereby the people of Newfoundland and Labrador voted in a referendum to join Confederation. They participate in a community meeting, either as panelists representing pro- or anti-confederation points of view or as reporters gathering information by questioning the panelists. The reporters work in pairs to investigate the opinions of panelists in order to write an editorial or a news story. Using information about the pro- and anti-confederation positions, students conduct a classroom Newfoundland referendum and then evaluate the factors that brought about the referendum results in their own class.

This snapshot gives students an opportunity to see how the democratic process works through their own participation in a classroom community meeting. This process highlights the role of the press and the contribution of individuals to a meaningful referendum vote.

Students complete their study by creating a Timeline Display, participating in a group discussion, and writing their Personal Reflections about the Newfoundland referendum.

Total Time: 3 1/2 - 4 hours
Concept: Referendum
Skills: Applying and communicating information

The Let the People Decide snapshot contains:

2 posters: Join Confederation; Why Join Confederation?
Referendum Review newspaper
12 The People Speak role cards
(6 pro-Confederate and 6 anti-Confederate)

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