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PART 1: The Classroom Issue Referendum
PART 2: The Community Meeting
PART 3: Writing the Newspaper
PART 4: The Class Newfoundland Referendum
PART 5: Creating the Class Timeline Display
PART 6: Closure



20 minutes


  • synthesizing
  • reflecting and writing feelings and opinions


  • BLM 6-1: Talking It Over (one copy per group)
  • BLM 6-2: Personal Reflections Prompt (one copy per student)


Grouping - small groups of 4 or 5

  1. Have groups of four or five students choose a leader.

  2. Ask the leader of each group to read the Talking It Over questions aloud so that the members of the group can discuss each of them.

  3. Circulate among groups to ensure that each student participates in his or her group's discussion and has an opportunity to talk and to listen.
Grouping - individuals
  1. After the Talking It Over discussion, ask each student to complete a Personal Reflections sheet, describing thoughts and feelings about what he or she has learned during "Let the People Decide."


Evaluate the Personal Reflections: Do they demonstrate:

  • that students have grasped the concept of a referendum?
  • clearly expressed ideal?
  • empathy for the voters of Newfoundland?
  • understanding of the consequences of the referendum?
  • understanding of the role of the press in the referendum campaign?

Students can also evaluate their own and others' participation in the referendum process. Did they:

  • use opportunities to gather information on the issues, so that they could vote responsibly?
  • consider and question all the arguments?
  • use their right to vote responsibly in the referendum?

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