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Articles of 1993

Newfoundland's Oldest Document Describes Life in Cupids
The story of an English news sheet, dated 29 January 1611, containing a report by John Guy, governor of Cupids, and how the archives obtained it.

Belleoram Woman Records Observation of First World War in Letters Written Home
A look at the life and letters of Frances Cluett (1895-1969), a member of the Voluntary Aid Detachment, who served in France and Turkey during World War I.

Articles of 1994

Archives Holds Famed Naturalist's Drawings of Newfoundland Birds
An introduction to the collection of the original pencil drawings of Newfoundland birds done by Roger Tory Peterson during the 1940s.

Remembering the Life of a Newfoundland Prime Minister
The life of Sir William Whiteway (1828-1908), lawyer, politician, and prime minster of Newfoundland.

Margot Rhys Davies: Giving Voice to the Turmoil of the Second World War
A profile of Margot Rhys Davies (192?-1972), actor, broadcaster and poet.

John Murray Anderson and Broadway
A sketch of the life of John Murray Anderson (1886-1954), Broadway producer and Hollywood director.

Records of a Padre During the Second World War
A sketch of the life of William Charles Hodgins (1903-1982), chaplain to Newfoundland soldiers in WW II.

Death on the Ice: The Story That Had to be Told
An introduction to the papers of writer Cassie Brown (1919-1986) dealing with her work Death on the Ice and the 1914 sealing disaster.

Remembering Women of Labrador
A glimpse into the life of Nancy Grenville (1929-1994), the first archivist of the Centre for Newfoundland Studies, and into the life of Elizabeth Goudie (1904-1982), a native of Labrador, whose papers Grenville obtained.

Collection Contains Memorabilia From One of Newfoundland's Best Novelists
A look at Margaret Duley (1894-1968), Newfoundland novelist.

Archival Collection Captures the Essence of the Creator of Uncle Mose
An introduction to the life and works of Ted Russell (1904-1977), teacher, politician and writer.

Remembering an Influential Mason
A discussion about one of Newfoundland's earliest photographic portraits, and of Patrick Tasker (1823-1860), who appears in it.

Christmas Cards Had a Personal Touch
A profile of Harold Berwick Goodridge (1901-1989), teacher and painter.

Articles of 1995

Remembering Phebe Florence Miller: Writer, Nature Lover, Patron of the Arts
The story of Phebe Florence Miller (1889-1979), writer, nature lover, patron of the arts

Looking Back at Child Protection
A history of the Child Welfare Association that provided services to mothers and children in the St. John's area from 1921 to 1976.

Newell Collection is a Coleridge Scholar's Dream
An introduction to the Isaac Newell (1917-1977) collection containing 161 works by and about Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his circle.

Exploring 19th-Century Labrador
An account of the failed 1887 expedition of Randle Wilson Holme (1864-1957) to reach Churchill Falls in the interior of Labrador.

Surprise Gift is a Coup for Archives!
An explanation of how the CNS obtained the 1938 Denzil Ridout photo-record of Lester Burry's mission work in Labrador.

What's all the Fuss About Ethel Dickenson?
The story of Ethel Gertrude Dickenson (1880-1918) who contacted and died from the Spanish flu while assisting others infected with the deadly virus.

Archives Contain Little-Known Manuscript
A chronicle of the life and works of Patrick William Browne (1864-1937), priest, teacher and writer.

What a Newfoundland Soldier Wrote About the War.
The events in the military life of Owen William Steele (1887-1916), a member of the Newfoundland Regiment, and an introduction to his war diary.

Newfoundland Writer was a Success at Home and Abroad
An outline of the life of Edwin Francis Duder (1908-1980), journalist, film editor and poet.

No Doubt About It - The "Bows" Have It!
An explanation of the 1832 cartoon of the Newfoundland House of Assembly by noted British caricaturist John Doyle (1797-1868).

Articles of 1996

Photo Album Provides Valuable Historical Record
An introduction to the album of Joseph Laurence (1819-1886) showing photos of Newfoundland from the late 19th century.

Why Isn't Dora Russell Better Known?
The life and papers of Dora (Oake) Russell (1912-1986), teacher, editor, columnist and writer.

Archives Contain Last Will and Testament of First Speaker
An overview of the career of John Bingley Garland (1791-1875), businessman and the first speaker of the Newfoundland House of Assembly.

Carbery Pushed the Envelope for Newfoundland Women
A chronicle of the career of Ellen Carbery (1845-1915), businesswoman and poet.

Job's Papers Reveal His Family's Commitment to Province
A look at Robert Brown Job (1873-1961), businessman, politician, and economic unionist.

Wood Was First C of E Priest Ordained in Province
A account of the life of Thomas Martin Wood (1807-1881), the first Church of England priest to be ordained in Newfoundland.

Collection Offers Glimpses of St. John's Society
A sketch of the family of John Shannon Munn, one of Newfoundland's more prominent families at the turn of the 20th century.

Janet Miller Helped Pave the Way
The story of Janet Miller (1891-1946), the first woman entered on the rolls of the Newfoundland Law Society.

Articles of 1997

Going From Bishop Feild to Broadway
The career of Hugh Abercrombie Anderson (1890-1965), Great War veteran, Broadway producer, teacher and playwright.

Playing Musical Chairs at the House of Assembly
A highlight of the events surrounding the charges and courts trials for political corruption of various members of the Whiteway government in 1894.

Who Was Margaret Mayo?
An introduction into the life of Margaret Mayo (1871-1941), and a description of her diary.

When Clarenville was the Colas Capital of Newfoundland
A brief history of colas, an emulsified asphalt product used to surface airport runways, of the plant in Clarenville that created it for the Gander airport, and of Terence O'Meara who oversaw its construction.

Launching a Distinctly Newfoundland Book
A glimpse into the career of James P. Howley (1847-1918), one of Newfoundland's most important geologists of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

William Keen Witnessed the Capture of St. John's
An outline of the efforts of William Keen (168?-1754) to establish a judicial system in Newfoundland in the early 18th century, and an introduction to a document he wrote in which he described the capture of St. John's by the French in 1708.

Whatever Happened to the Effie M. Morrissey
The story of the schooner Effie M. Morrissey, which for nearly 20 years took Capt. Bob Bartlett and teams of scientists to the Arctic.

Evangeline Booth: Orator and Preacher
An brief biography of Evangeline Booth (1865-1950), the fourth person to be elected general and world leader of the Salvation Army, and her connection to Newfoundland

Remembering Another Group of War Volunteers
The brief account of the life of Sybil Johnson (1887-1973), a nurse in the Volunteer Aid Detachment (VAD) in World War I.

Journal Provides Glimpse of Dangers at Sea
An introduction into the life of Lieut. Howard Douglas (1776-1861), and his account of the wreck of the British ship Phillis off the southwest coast of Newfoundland in October 1795.

Articles of 1998

Drawn by the Lure of Labrador
The story of the tragic 1903 Hubbard Expedition into the Labrador interior, and an overview of the career of Dillon Wallace (1863-1939), one of the expedition's members.

A Newfoundlander to be Proud Of
The world of Grace (Patten) Sparkes (1908- ), teacher, actor and political activist.

Photographer Captured Post-War Newfoundland
An introduction to the life of Charles Frederick Ruggles (1923-1996), photographer, inventor and businessman.

Glimpses of Rural Newfoundland Past
A glimpse into the life of John Lewis (1788-1866), an itinerant Methodist missionary to Newfoundland from 1814 to 1819.

Military Man Turned Aviation Historian
An brief biography of Robert Holland Tait (1891-1964), Great War veteran, poet, and historian.

Jack Higgins: Newfoundlander Through and Through
The story of Jack Higgins (1891-1963), lawyer, war veteran, poet, anti-confederate, and Canadian Senator.

Making a Mark on Education
The life of Evelyn (Millard) Matthews (1914-1983), mathematician and teacher.

Committed to Responsible Government
A portrait of the life of Albert Boyle Butt (1904-1989), organizer, politician and ardent supporter of responsible government.

Turn of the Century Journalist
An account of the career of Patrick Raymond Bowers (1844-1911), editor and journalist.

Nightingale of the North
An account of the life of Georgina Ann Stirling (1866-1935), Newfoundland's first professional opera singer.

Articles of 1999

Images From Early Flights
A brief description of the life of Voorhis David Demarest (1890-1979), WW I veteran businessman, genealogist, and amateur photographer.

In Command of the Church Lads' Brigade
An introduction into the life of James Crawford (1893-1963), WW I veteran, businessman, and commanding officer of the Church Lads' Brigade (1935-1947).

Servant to the city: Mews left his mark on municipal politics
A look at the career of Henry George Reginald Mews (1897-1982), WW I veteran, and mayor of St. John's.

A Lifetime of Writing
The story of Stella Maris (Meaney) Whelan (1910-1998), civil servant and witness to the important events surrounding Confederation.

Recognize Anything?
A request to the public to aid archivists in the identification of five images housed in the Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives.

One of the Greats: Sir Robert Bond Presided over Golden Age
The first of a four part series on the life and times of Sir Robert Bond, one of the most influential politicians in Newfoundland history.

From Tragedy to Triumph: Bond Moves Past Bribery Charges, Becomes Prime Minister
The second of a four part series on the life and times of Sir Robert Bond, one of the most influential politicians in Newfoundland history.

Bond Rules Despite Challenges
The third of a four part series on the life and times of Sir Robert Bond, one of the most influential politicians in Newfoundland history.

Bond's Political Career Winds Down
The fourth and final part of a series on the life and times of Sir Robert Bond, one of the most influential politicians in Newfoundland history.

Christmas Cards
A sample of the Christmas card collection of John G. "Jack" Higgins (1891-1963), Rhodes Scholar, lawyer, veteran, and politician.

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