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  • Examination of James Pratt, in Baltimore vs. David Kirke, taken on March 12, 1652, and dealing with planters, houses, and livestock.
  • Extract from 'A journal of all the memorable occurances [sic] of my life' by James Yonge, dated 1663.
  • A biography of the explorer, John Cabot.
  • Deposition of John Cull, taken at Totnes, before commissioners appointed by the Privy Council, on November 27, 1667.
  • John Day was an English merchant in the Spanish trade. He wrote this letter in Spain between 1497 and January 1498 to the Lord Grand Admiral.
  • Letter to John Slany from John Guy, dated July 29, 1612, and dealing with piracy and ships.
  • Deposition of John Slaughter, taken at Ferryland on August 31, 1652, in Baltimore vs. Kirke.
  • Examination of John Slaughter on the Interrogatories of David Kirke, in Baltimore vs. Kirke, dated August 30, 1652.
  • Deposition of John Stevens, taken at Ferryland on August 24, 1652, in Baltimore vs. Kirke.
  • Examination of John Stevens on the Interrogatories of David Kirke, in Baltimore vs. Kirke, dated August 26, 1652.
  • An Account of the Inhabitants, Boats, Stages, Fishing Ships, Fish caught, etc., in Ferryland in the year 1706.
  • Extract from 'Ledger 1693' by Joseph Buckley and dealing with New England, material culture, imports, cod, and planters.
  • In 1913, the Karluk departed Canada for the western Arctic. The ship sank amid unpredictable Arctic flows, leaving the crew stranded on the ice.
  • An outline of the efforts of William Keen to establish a judicial system in Newfoundland in the early 18th century.
  • 'Invoice of Goods shipped aboard the DAVID of Ferryland...' by David Kirke and Nicholas Shapley, dated September 8, 1648.
  • About Sir David Kirke and how he appropriated the Ferryland plantation after George Calvert allegedly abandoned the location.
  • A brief history of Labrador, including the importance of the fishery, permanent settlement, and relations with Quebec and with Newfoundland.
  • A history of Labrador from the French period of occupation to 1763.
  • European knowledge of the northern Labrador coast was significantly improved after 1763 by a series of voyages carried out by Moravian missionaries.
  • John Cabot may have discovered an ocean route from Europe to North America, but this information did little to clarify the geography of eastern Canada.

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