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  • Confederation prompted immediate and massive social changes in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • The Spider and The Guy or The Newfie Ain't so Goofie-- An anti-confederate poem published in The Independent on April 26, 1948.
  • In 1987, the provincial government partnered with Philip Sprung to build a multimillion-dollar greenhouse complex near the St. John's-Mount Pearl boundary.
  • About the Great Fire that started on 9 June 1846 in St. John's when a fire broke out in a cabinetmaker's workshop on George Street.
  • About the St. John's fire that started on 8 July 1892 in a stable after a lit pipe or match fell into a bundle of hay.
  • Overview of the St. John's Status of Women Council, the Women's Centre.
  • The story of Stella Maris (Meaney) Whelan (1910-1998), civil servant and witness to the important events surrounding Confederation.
  • The creation of the American air base at Stephenville during the WWII saw the quiet farming village quickly transformed into a booming garrison town.
  • An explanation of how the CNS obtained the 1938 Denzil Ridout photo-record of Lester Burry's mission work in Labrador.
  • Since Newfoundland joined Canada on 31 March 1949, its relationship with the rest of the country has been governed by the Terms of Union.
  • A timeline of the significant dates in the Confederation Process.
  • Brian Tobin replaced Clyde Wells as premier and leader of the Newfoundland Liberals on 26 January, 1996.
  • The Canadian air base at Torbay quickly became an important link in North American defence during the Second World War.
  • Introduction to the Government House Virtual Tour.
  • On 18 November 1929 a tsunami struck Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula and caused considerable loss of life and property.
  • The tsunami left the people of the affected communities on the Burin Peninsula in desperate need of help, a role the public gladly filled.
  • A virtual tour of the vestibule and hall of the Government House.
  • Aside from enlisting in the armed forces, thousands of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians also volunteered for various organizations during the WWII.
  • During WWII, St. John's evolved from being a defended harbour to possibly the most important escort base developed by the RCN in the North Atlantic.
  • The brief account of the life of Sybil Johnson (1887-1973), a nurse in the Volunteer Aid Detachment (VAD) in World War I.

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