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  • The first Europeans known definitely to set foot in Newfoundland were the Norse.
  • This article involves breaking down Cabot's 1497 voyage to decipher exactly where he visited in Newfoundland.
  • How the migratory fishery came to be in Newfoundland and Labrador, lasting for more than three centuries before giving way to a resident industry.
  • A letter from Lorenzo Pasqualigo to his brothers in Venice. Dated August 23, 1497.
  • There are those who claim that the Basques, the Portuguese, the Scots and the Welsh have made voyages to Newfoundland before Cabot.
  • Letters from Raimondo de Soncino, ambassador of the Duke of Milan in London, to the Duke in 1497.
  • The Centre for Newfoundland Studies in the Queen Elizabeth II Library contains the largest and, possibly, the best collection of Newfoundland and Labrador material available in the world. It has at least one copy of almost every book ever published about Newfoundland and Labrador.