James Yonge's map of Ferryland

James Yonge's map of Ferryland, ca. 1663.
In 1663/1664, 16-year-old James Yonge visited Ferryland as a surgeon aboard a ship from Plymouth, England. During his stay in Newfoundland, or shortly threreafter, Yonge sketched a map of "Feryland" [Ferryland] within the pages of his journal. Yonge's map illustrates the prime location of Ferryland's harbour which, from the early 1500s, proved to be a favourite location for ships participating in the lucrative Newfoundland migratory fishery.
From F.N.L. Poynter, ed., The Journal of James Yonge, 1647-1721, Plymouth Surgeon (London: Longman, Green & Co. Ltd., ©1963) Plate 4 A: "Part of the coast of Newfoundland, showing Ferryland", facing 81.

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