Sara Kirke's 1660 Letter

Letter from Lady Sara Kirke to King Charles II, 1660.
Lady Sara Kirke wrote this letter to King Charles II asking him to grant her eldest son, George, the same titles and powers as her late husband, Sir David Kirke, had held at the Colony of Avalon.

The letter reads:

Dread Sovereign:

It is without doubt that your Sacred Majesty hath been informed of the loyal services my husband Sir David Kirke did (as his duty) to your royal father of happy memory, who in part of recompence made him one of the Lords Proprietors and Governor of this Land. Since the fatal stroke [execution of Charles I in 1649] and my husband's death [1654] I and my Children have lived but in a poor and sad condition and want of a governor here, there is no living but submit to any stranger power that will maintain a government. My suit and petition to your Sacred Majesty is that you would be pleased to confirme that power my husband had upon my eldest son, George Kirke, as...the desire of all the inhabitants and your Majesty shall not oblige me only for it. But, as I have been to your royal father, so I remain,

To your Sacred Majesty's

Most humble subject
and servant,

[signed] Sara Kirke

Courtesy of the Colony of Avalon Foundation, Ferryland, Newfoundland. Image modified by Wendy Churchill, 1999. Text of letter transcribed and edited by Dr. P.E. Pope, Archaeology Unit, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Newfoundland. Original letter housed in the British Library (Egerton ms 2395, 258 MHA 16-C-1-041), London, England.

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