Shanawdithit's obituary

Excerpt of Shanawdithit's obituary from The Royal Gazette, 16 June 1829.
Shanawdithit, who was also called Nancy, was the last surviving Newfoundland Beothuk. When she died of tuberculosis in 1829, the aboriginal group became extinct.

This excerpt from the obituary reads:

DIED, —On Saturday night, the 6th mst. at the Hospital, SHANANDITHIT, the female Indian, one of the Aborigines of this Island. —She died of consumption, a disease which seems to have been remarkably prevalent among her tribe, and which has unfortunately been fatal to all who have fallen into the hands of the settlers.

Detail reproduced from The Royal Gazette, 16 June 1829, p. 2. Image modified by Wendy Churchill, 1999.

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