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Ferryland names

Documents relating to Ferryland: 1597 to 1726

27 September, 1707; Alexander Penprayse, William Shortt and John Flatcher

Great Britain, PRO, Colonial Office, CO 194/4 (52), 189.
CNS microfilm. Transcribed by P.E. Pope.

Subjects: Pool Plantation, planters.

Alexander Penprayse, William Shortt and John Flatchar, inhabitants in Ferryland in Newfoundland, upon oath declare before me that the plantation in the Pool [Pool Plantation], which Sir David Kirke lived on, and after his decease my Lady Kirke [Lady Sara Kirke], wife to Sir David Kirke, enjoyed the same plantation, and after said Lady's decease was possessed by Mr David Kirke [II], son of the above said Sir David Kirke. And farther declareth that ever since the year sixteen hundred eighty and three [1683], the said Mr David Kirke [II] have enjoyed the said plantation peaceable and quiet and have liberty and let to rent the said plantation and receiveth rent for the same. And that Mr George Kirke, Jarvis Kirke nor Mr. Phillip Kirke, all brothers of the said Mr. David Kirke [II], never did lay any claim to any rent or hire of said plantation, but left said plantation wholly and solely to the said Mr. David Kirke. And farther, these deponents declareth that the said Mr. David Kirke put his brother Mr. Phillip Kirke in possession of said plantation, to enjoy the same during his lifetime and after his decease to return to the children of the said Mr. David Kirke [II]. And farther these deponents saith not, in Ferryland in Newfoundland, this 27th day of September, seventeen hundred and seven [1707].

[signed] Alex Penprayse

Sworn before me
in Ferryland the day
and year as above
Anthony Gay, admiral
William WS Short
John XX Flatchar

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