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This letter is referenced in the article, History of the Colony of Avalon: The Dutch Raid on Ferryland, 1673.
Documents relating to Ferryland: 1597 to 1726

29 March, 1675; [Captain] Dudley Lovelace
"An Account of the Dutch Fleet upon the Coast of Newfoundland in the year 1673"

Great Britain, Colonial Office, CO 1/34 (37), 85.
MHA 16-C-2-024. Transcribed by P.E. Pope.

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Subjects: Second Dutch War (1672-1674), houses, stores, boats, livestock, planters, ordnance.

An Account of the Dutch Fleet upon
the Coast of Newfoundland in the
year 1673

Captain Dudley Lovelace of New York, with 50 soldiers, all prisoners in several of the Dutch ships, were brought upon the coast of Newfoundland, upon the 4th of September 1673, and carried into the harbour of Ferryland, where the enemy plundered, ruined, fired, and destroyed the commodities, cattle, household goods, and other stores belonging to these inhabitants following, viz.

The Lady Kirke
The Lady Hopkins
George Kirke Esq.
Mr. David Kirke
and their Brother
[probably Philip Kirke]
William Toms
Ezekial Dibble
John Kent
Phillip Davis
William Robins
Christopher Pollard
William Addams
John Heard
Robert Love
and many others to the

value of £ 2000, according to the best calculation. They also took away 4 great guns, the fort being out of repair, and no commander upon the place.

The day following, 30 fishing boats belonging (as the inhabitants said) to Mr. Nicholas Neville of Dartmouth, and company, were burned in the harbour, and as much fish as the ships could carry away, taken. They also forced the inhabitants to send 6 hogs, and one bullock, to each ship, as a composition [protection money] for what they [the Dutch] left behind them.

Upon the 9th of September, the Dutch went unto William Pollard's house, 3 miles distant and plundered him of 400 quintals of fish, provisions and household stuff amounting to £ 400 sterling.

They likewise burned at that place 40 Fishing boats, the house, warehouses, etc. belonging to the fishery in that harbour, besides several English prizes [prize ships] which they brought to their general rendezvous at Fayal [in the Azores].

The names of the Dutch commanders and their ships:

The GREEN WIFE, 40 guns, Nicholas Boes admiral
The ARMS OF LEYDON, Abraham Fernando van Zeyle, vice admiral, 40 guns.
The UNITY, Captain Regenwyn, 40 guns.
Captain Pasquall de Witt, Commander of the SCHACATOR, 36 guns.

To the truth of this I am ready to depose.

[signed] Dudley Lovelace

March 29th, 1675

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