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Documents relating to Ferryland: 1597 to 1726

24 April, 1654; John Treworgie and William Pyles
extract from "The further reasons and desires of John Treworgie and William Pyles, late Commissioners in Newfoundland"

Great Britain, PRO, Colonial Office, CO 1/12 (20iv), 57.
MHA 16-B-5-032. Transcribed by P.E. Pope.

Subjects: planters, govern.

John Treworgie and James Kirke

The further reasons and desires of John Treworgie & William Pyles late Commissioners in Newfoundland

That their former desires, given into the Committee, appointed by this honourable Council [Council of State] the 8th of May last, may be taken into consideration regarding the merit of the case in difference, are set forth proving indemnity, according to the said order, for several reasons....

...above a year spent attending to the case of the petitioners, who fear executions will be taken forth against them or their baillie [bailiff] by their and the public enemies, the Kirkes, who have been still waylaying and endeavouring, by any means, to undo them that were appointed governors there [in Newfoundland] and served the plantation against Prince Rupert and other French pirates (who endeavored to destroy the English interest) by keeping a garrison, at the Governor's great charge, and hath not received any part of his salary, but hopeth that some consideration will be had thereof and of his losses, sufferings and expenses, occasioned by the said Kirke, who hath no interest in the said goods [which] he vexeth the said petitioners for now. Had they the said goods and if any wrong be proved, the said Treworgie is ready to satisfy as this honourable Council shall desire.

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