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Ferryland names

Documents relating to Ferryland: 1597 to 1726

11 November 1648; Charles I [King of England]
Letter to Sir David Kirke [from Newport, Isle of Wight]

British Library, Egerton ms 2395, f.36.
MHA 16-B-4-027. Transcribed by P.E. Pope.

Subjects: planters, names, English Civil War (1642-1648).

Sir David Kirke:

Your sister [in law], my Lady Hopkins [Lady Frances Hopkins], with her family, having occasion to visit you in Newfoundland, I thought good to desire you, whether by your advice in the business of that country, or otherwise in any kind, as her occasion shall require, to afford her your best assistance. And, although I make no question, but this would have been done, in regard of the near alliance that is betwixt you, yet I must tell you withall that I wish so well both to her and her husband that I could not omit to do my part also, wheresoever I suppose I may stand them in any stead. And do therefore assure you, that what kindness you shall show to any of them, I shall take it as an especial service done to my self, and be ready to requite it. And so I bid you heartily farewell and rest,

Your friend,

Charles Rex

Newport, 11 November, 1648.

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