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8 September 1648; David Kirke and Nicholas Shapley
Invoice of Goods shipped aboard the DAVID of Ferryland...

Published in James P. Baxter, ed., Documentary History of the State of Maine, The Baxter Manuscripts, vol. 6 (Portland, Maine: 1900) 2-4. Revised by P.E. Pope. QEII microfilm

Subjects: planters, ships, commerce, material culture, clothing.

Ferryland, the 8th September 1648

Invoice of Goods shipped aboard the DAVID of Ferryland, Captain Nicholas Shapley Commander, for Accounts of George Kirke Esq. and brothers

  £ s d
Inprimus. 13 butts [462 l. barrels] of Madiera wines 5 butts of Canary [wine] valued at £14 per butt one with another } 252: 00: 00.
6 hogsheads of sugar weighed net 2743 lbs valued at 12d per lb. is } 137: 03: 00.
Canvas Vitry [cloth]: 7 pieces containing797 yards at 18d per yard is 059: 15: 06.
22 hundred [lengths] 2 lb....cordage at £2 per hundred is 044: 10. 00.
2 hundred 2 lb. wool is near 258 lbsvalued 18d per [lb.] is 019: 17. 00
Hogsheads valued at £2 10s is 002: 10: 00
Some 10 hogsheads of salt valued at 10s per hogshead 005: 00: 00
128 yards of Dowlas [coarse linen cloth] valued at 009: 12: 00
120 [pieces of ] Virginia [tobacco] at 3s per piece is 018. 00. 00
547: 17: 06


A bill of debt due by Mr. Richard Right of New England } 020: 00: 00
Per a bond of Derby Feild to be received 040: 17: 00
By Mr Bruster for 12 pair of worsted stockings at 8s per pair & one pair of shoes: 5s which were not paid for 18 "Semakes" [smocks?] at 8s per } 005: 01: 00
7 passengers 613: 15: 06

David Kirke for my sons =

I, Captain Nicholas Shapley confess to have received aboard the David of Ferryland the goods above specified by particulars for the accounts of George Kirke Esquire & brothers: for which I promise to do my best endeavour for the selling of the said goods for them and to return the proceed of it at Ferryland to the right worshipfull Sir David Kirke, knight, the next spring, the danger of the sea excepted. Witness my hand, the eleventh of September, 1648.

Deposed the 6th of November, 1649 before me,
Increase Nowell, secretary.

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