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Documents relating to Ferryland: 1597 to 1726

13 March, 1647; Richard Russell [of Charlestown, Massachusetts]
Bill of sale for the ketch JUDITH of New England

Boston Athenaeum, Aspinwall Notarial Records, p. 62.
Published in Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston, no. 32, A Volume Relating to the Early History of Boston, Containing the Aspinwall Notarial Records (Boston: Rockwell and Churchill, 1903) 76. Revised by P.E. Pope.

Subjects: New England, ship, planter.

Richard Russell of Charlestown [Massachusetts], merchant, for the value of £ 55 [sic] received or to be received hath sold unto John Bodington [agent for Sir David Kirke], merchant one ketch, about twenty five tons, now called by the name of the JUDITH of New England, with all her masts, sails, etc. and warranty according to the laws of Oleron, as appears by a writing dated 10th November, 1646, presented to me by the said John Bodington and subscribed:

Witness: John Mills
Richard Russell and a seale
and Peter Mudd

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