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Ferryland names

Documents relating to Ferryland: 1597 to 1726

14 June, 1639; Privy Council
extract from Acts

Great Britain, PRO, Privy Council, Acts, 432, par. 1.

Published in W.L. Grant, James Munro, Almeric W. Fitzroy, eds., Acts of the Privy Council of England, Colonial Series vol. 1, A.D. 1613-1680 (Rep. Lichtenstein: 1908, ©1966) 255-256. Revised by P.E. Pope.

Subjects: planters, food, material culture.

[424] Whitehall, 14 June:

[The Adventurers for the Plantation of Newfoundland are allowed, on payment of the usual customs duties, to transport thither the several provisions hereafter mentioned.]

23 butts containing 39 quarters [25 lbs each] of wheat
15 butts and two puncheons containing 28 quarters of malt
5 puncheons and one hogshead containing 59 bushels of peas
2 puncheons and 2 hogsheads containing 39 bushels of oatmeal
2 hogsheads containing 600 lbs of Cheese
2 Rundlets [small barrels] containing 27 gallons of sweet oil
4 half firkins of ordinary soap
1 rundlet of Castile Soap
3 firkins of butter
1 rundlet containing 2 bushels of mustard seed
2 boxes containting 26 dozen of candles
2 hogsheads of wine vinegar
2 firkins of small nails

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