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Sliding Puzzle (4x4)

The game starts with the graphic in its completed form. Take note of the piece in the upper left-hand corner! This piece will be removed once the tiles are shuffled.

To start the game, click 'Shuffle' or type 's' on your keyboard. This will randomize the tiles diplay the game playing area in a different order. The object of the game now is to restore the original graphic by rearranging the tiles.

You can move tiles in the playing area by clicking on a tile which is next to an empty space. Once you have all the pieces in their proper places, the blank tile should be in the upper left-hand corner. At this point, the final piece of the puzzle will fall into place and you will have completed the sliding puzzle.

At any time, you can solve the puzzle by clicking 'Solve' or typing 'v' on your keyboard. Also, you may wish to shuffle the tiles a few times until you get an arrangement which looks promising.

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