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Memory Game

The main area of this game contains 18 tiles, behind which are nine pairs of images. The object is to match all pairs by flipping over the tiles, which is accomplished by clicking on them with the mouse.

If you turn over two tiles which do not match, they are flipped down as soon as you select another tile. If you make a match, they are disabled from the board (the shovel disappears from the tile). Correctly matching two tiles will increment your score by ten points, whereas as incorrect pair will result in a decrement of three points. The table below shows rankings based on final score.

Ranking Score greater than Score less than
Poor --- 30
Fair 30 50
Good 50 70
Excellent 70 90

For each tile you flip over, a brief description of that artifact is provided in the text area at the bottom of the game. The image appears to the left of the description.

After you match all nine images, a button stating 'Click Here to Continue'. will appear in the middle of the playing area. Simply click this button to proceed to the end of the game.

You will now be presented with a 3x3 grid containing the nine artifacts used in the game. You can go to the page on our site containing the artifact by clicking on it. You will also have the option of restarting the game and trying to achieve a higher score. In which case, the tiles are shuffled and do not appear in the same places.

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