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The games created in these pages are based on the principle that learning should be fun. The aim is to provide an entertaining way for you to learn about the Colony of Avalon through playing memory games, and sliding puzzles. Because the games are intended to positively reinforce learning, where appropriate, links are provided to pertinent articles. This allows you to discover the solution for yourself. For example, in the memory game the images are hyper-linked to the articles from which they were taken.

Miniature screen-shot of Hangman Game.
This game uses the words and clues from the crossword puzzle.

All of the games have been created using Java™, a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems Inc. Using Java™ has enabled us to create truly interactive and fun games; surpassing the limitations and restrictions of JavaScript and HTML (HyperText Markup Language). To play these games you must be using a Java™ enabled Internet browser. If you cannot see a game on any given page, check your browser's preferences to make sure Java™ is enabled.

Some games are fairly easy, some are more difficult. The Memory Matching Games, for example, merely require you to match a series of nine images. Points are awarded for correct matches, and deducted for incorrect ones. On the other hand, the most challenging series of games are likely the sliding puzzles. For each thread we chose a selected image, sliced it into a number of blocks and scrambled the blocks. You are asked to re-sort the image. Two puzzles are provided for each thread, a simpler one consisting of 9 blocks, and a more difficult one consisting of 16 blocks.

Miniature screen-shot of Sliding Puzzle
Shuffle the blocks and then try and re-sort them to complete the image.

We hope you will learn more about the Colony of Avalon through playing these games. Above all, we hope you have fun.

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