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Crossword Puzzle

To select a word, click your mouse on any block which comprises that word or select it from the drop-down menu below the crossword. The blocks of the selected word are highlighted in yellow and the current block is highlighted in blue. Also, the clue for the selected word will always be shown in the drop-down menu.

You can change the orientation (Across/Down) at any time by clicking in the active block. Letters are entered via your keyboard and the current block will advance by one with each letter you type, until you reach the end of the word. Incorrect letters are displayed in red, while correct letters are shown in black. If you type an incorrect letter, you can either use the backspace key on your keyboard or simply click in that block and re-type the letter.

1. Supports molecular structure of an artifact.
3. Blacksmith's shop.
5. Colony founded by Lord Baltimore.
6. Possibly Newfoundland's first capital.
8. Where Baltimore migrated after leaving Ferryland.
10. Likely first British North American women entrepreneur.
12. First English shipmaster to arrive at a Newfoundland port each year.
13. David Kirke's wife.
15. Moved to Ferryland in 1638.
19. 1950s excavator of Ferryland.
20. Small point of land joining an island to the mainland.
22. Alloy composed mostly of tin.
24. 1673 raiders of Ferryland.
25. Surgeon who visited Ferryland in 1663.
26. George Calvert's wife.

1. Actions taken to preserve cultural property.
2. 1696 raiders of Ferryland.
4. Called caulworts by Calvert.
7. Common English site artifact after 1580.
9. A large cleared peninsula east of the Pool.
11. Colony of Avalon founder.
14. Non-native seed type found at Ferryland Beothuk site.
16. Soil-water paste that adheres to an artifact.
17. Recorded John Guy's encounter with the Beothuks.
18. Aboriginals whose artifacts were found at Ferryland.
21. Garbage dump near a dwelling.
23. First governor of Lord Baltimore's colony.

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