Map of Newfoundland (chrome)

Map of Newfoundland (chrome).
Silk or rayon stocking material, dyed; 42" x 31 1/2";
Mat maker unknown, ca. 1938.

This is another design which was hooked in large numbers. It closely resembles a map of the Grenfell Hospitals and Nursing stations which appeared in the 1935 Annual Report of the Grenfell Association. St. Anthony, the headquarters of the Industrial, is marked the left of the spouting whale. Flowers Cove is just southwest of St. Anthony on the island of Newfoundland. St. John's is in the lower right portion of the map. Going North on the Labrador coast, the four teepees roughly represent the Harrington Harbour to Mutton Bay area. Next is the Red Bay station, followed by Battle Harbor which is marked by the lighthouse. The two buildings represent Indian Harbor. The actual distances between settlements were vast and much of this area where the Grenfell Mission concentrated its efforts remains sparsely populated even today. Valda Vaughn, from Brooklyn, NY, was employed by the Mission as a toy designer in the early 1930s. This design was hooked in four sizes, the one seen here is the largest size.

Photo courtesy of Paula Laverty.

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