Dog Team with Shadows

Dog Team with Shadows.
Cotton and rayon or silk stocking material, dyed; 34" x 44 1/2";
Mat maker unknown, ca. 1942. Designer: Steve Hamilton (1908 -1993).

There are many examples of this popular design. To insure that the sky was perfectly blended the stockings were laid out at the Industrial and numbered so the hooker would know the exact order in which to use the colors. Hamilton describes the scene that inspired this design in a letter: "On a trip to hunt caribou, we took five dogs and a loaded komatik. On the first day crossing the bay we encountered a crevasse. The bay ice had split open and there was open water about eight feet wide. We unhitched the dogs, set the komatik at the edge of the ice and let it form a bridge. As we did this the 'alpine glow' came on casting a light so beautiful one hesitated to speak out loud to disturb the beauty of that magnificent landscape."

Photo courtesy of Paula Laverty.

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