Road to Fishing Point; St. Anthony, Newfoundland

Road to Fishing Point, St. Anthony, Newfoundland.
Silk or rayon stocking material, dyed; 25" x 38 1/2";
Mat maker unknown, ca. 1928.

This landscape looks much the same today although the United Church is no longer standing. In 1906 Jessie Luther wrote in her diary, "The little church stands on a hill overlooking the harbour, with a lovely view of the sea. It is pretty and well built - quite a surprise for I did not expect to see coloured glass in the pointed windows or a red woolen carpet on the platform." She also noted the good news that a "much needed lighthouse will soon be built at the entrance to St. Anthony harbour, the only one on this part of the coast, which is poorly charted."

Photo courtesy of Paula Laverty.

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