Two Puffins

Two Puffins.
Silk or rayon stocking material, dyed; 18" x 11 1/2";
Mat made by Gladys Mitchell; Harrington Harbour, Québec, ca. 1935.

This mat does not have a Grenfell Labrador Industries label, rather there is a paper label with the maker's name affixed to the reverse. In conversations with Mrs. Chislett (nee Mitchell) she said that she copied the design from a mission pattern putting two puffins in the design rather than the three which were in the mission's design. She sold this mat on one of the tourist ships which toured the coast in the summer. The older mat hookers interviewed said that they would never sew a Grenfell label on to one of their own mats as they would not want to be accused of stealing.

Photo courtesy of Paula Laverty.

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