Select Bibliography: Carmelita McGrath (1960-)

Primary Works Written by Carmelita McGrath:

The Dog-Next-Year. St. John's: Tuckamore Books, 2001. Print.

Ghost Poems. St. John's: Running the Goat Books and Broadsides, 2001. Print.

Poems on Land and on Water. St. John's: Killick Press, 1992. Print.

Stranger Things have Happened. St. John's: Killick Press, 1999. Print.

To the New World. St. John's: Killick Press, 1997. Print.

Walking to Shenak. St. John's: Killick Press, 1994. Print.

Secondary Works:

Lynes, Jeanette. Words out There: Women Poets in Atlantic Canada. Lockeport, NS: Roseway Publishing, 1999. Print.

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