St. Patrick's Church
(Woody Point, Bonne Bay)

For nearly 110 years, St. Patrick's church served the spiritual needs of the people of Bonne Bay. It was built in 1875 at Bailey's Point by Joseph Breau of Pictou Nova Scotia, and Peter Jackman of Bell Island, Newfoundland.

St. Patrick's Church

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In the late 1880s there was a shift in population and a change in the parish centre. St. Patrick's was moved, in sections, nearly two miles over the ice floes from Bailey's Cove to Woody Point where it currently stands. The church was forced to close in 1984 because of its deterioration.

St. Patrick's was built under the direction of Rev. Thomas Sears, who was the first Prefect Apostolic of St. George's from 1868 to 1885.

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