Arnold Morris House
(St. George's)

Construction of this house began in 1904 and was completed in 1909. Built by a Mr. Colson (Olson) of Sandy Point and by the original owner, James Morris, who came to St. George's with his brothers, Philip and John. All three acquired large tracts of adjacent land beyond Main Street and down to the water's edge. In addition to the house, a general store owned by the Morris-Goodyear family was built across the street. The site is noted for its ties to the fishery, a fishery which was the basis of the early economy of the area. During World War II, the development of the Harmon Air Force Base brought increased employment and greater prosperity to St. George's. During this time, the Morris business flourished, and several changes were made to the structure of the house.

Arnold Morris House

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While the plan of the house is essentially Georgian, the interior is quite Victorian. The house has both winter and summer kitchens: an unusual feature in Newfoundland. The winter kitchen has wainscotting of stained tempered board with a stained hardwood moulding.

The building was designated as a Registered Heritage Structure in October of 1998.

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