[Commodore] John Underdown; 11 November, 1706

Extract from "An Account of the Inhabitants, Boats, Stages, Fishing Ships, Fish caught etc., in Newfoundland in the year 1706"

Great Britain, PRO, Colonial Office, CO 194/3 (169iii), 565B.
CNS microfilm. Transcribed by P.E. Pope.

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Isles d'Spere [Isles of Spear, at Tors Cove]

Included in the account from Ferryland


Inhabitants [Planters] 9
[Planters'] Men Servants 64
Women 7
Children 9
[Planters'] Boats 10
[Planters'] Stages 7
[Planters'] Train Vats 7
Fish Caught Quintals [by Planters] 3400
Train [Oil] Hogsheads [by Planters] 68
Fishing Ships 10
[Ships'] Boats 38
[Ships'] Stages 10
[Ships'] Train Vats 10
Fish Caught Quintals [by Ships' crews] 8600
Train [Oil] Hogsheads [by Ships' crews] 172