First Arrivals Artifacts

Artifacts from a number of sites in the Strait of Belle Isle.
Artifacts dated to between 9,000 BP and 7,500 BP.

Top row: Projectile points (the third from the left is reminiscent of points from the Debert Site, dated to between 11,000 BP and 10,000 BP.)

Middle row: Small "thumbnail" scrapers, possibly used in the processing of hides.

Bottom row: The two artifacts on the left are bifaces; the third from the left is probably a knife. The two objects on the far left are pièces esquillès, interpreted as either wedges or expended bi-polar cores, i.e., the remnant of a core of stone which has been hammered against a hard surface in order to remove usable flakes.

Courtesy of J. A. Tuck, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Newfoundland.

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