Foreward and Author's Preface



Scene 1: Under a fish flake, 1763

Scene 2: The Supreme Court, 1812

Scene 3: Port de Grave, 1820

Scene 4: The Supreme Court, 1820

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Rough Justice: A Play in One Act
by Tom Cahill


The Committee for the 200th Anniversary Celebration of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland (The Silk Robes and Sou'westers Committee) would like to thank Tom Cahill for his play.

The members of the Committee are:
The Hon. Noel Goodridge, Chief Justice of Newfoundland
The Hon. T. Alexander Hickman, Chief Justice, Trial Division
The Hon. Mr. Justice John J. O'Neill
The Hon. Mr. Justice Frederick R. Woolridge
Mr. Barry R. Sparkes, Registrar, Supreme Court
Mr. Tom R. Kendell
Mrs. Maureen Dunn Dicks
Mr. Christopher P. Curran

Publication of this play was made possible through grants from:
The Department of Justice, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
The Law Foundation of Newfoundland
The Law Society of Newfoundland

The material was prepared for publication by the Newfoundland Law Reform Commission.


Cahill, Tom

Rough Justice: a play in one act

ISBN 0-920769-69-1

1. Law reform - Newfoundland - History - Drama. 2. Representative government and representation - Newfoundland - History - Drama. 3. Newfoundland - Politics and government - 1763 - 1855. I. Silk Robes and Soutwesters Committee. II. Title.

PS 8555 A285 1991
PR 9199.3 C25 1991

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