Down North on the Labrador Circuit: The Court of Civil Jurisdiction 1826 to 1833
by Nina Jane Goudie

A Note from the Author

This essay has been possible thanks to the assistance and encouragement from many people along the way. A special thank you to Christopher English for seeding my interest in legal history as well as editing this manuscript. I will be forever appreciative of his time, patience and encouragement. I would like to thank the Project Daisy Committee for their invitation to publish this essay. I would also like to recognize and thank Christopher Curran for his encouragement and the Law Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador for its commitment to promoting the legal history of the Province. A special thank you to those who have variously made their collections, knowledge, time and ear available: Dee, Mom, Dad, Jean, Ken, Lee, Ian, Scott, Steve, Elaine, Christine, the Goudie Family, June Feaver, Scott Strong, Elizabeth Rideout, Chris English, Jean Guthrie, Shannon Ryan, Chris Youe, Skip Fischer, Bert Riggs, Boyd Chubbs, Cal Best, Albert Jones and many friends, family and other helpful souls along the way. To everyone: thank you.

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