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  • South Avalon Burin Oceanic Barrens ecoregion covers the southern tips of the Avalon and Burin peninsulas.
  • This ecoregion covers the west coast of Newfoundland, south of the Northern Peninsula and west of the barrens of the southern...
  • The Taiga Shield Ecozone is located on both sides of Hudson Bay, with the eastern portion running into Labrador.
  • The Torngat Mountains ecoregion is located in the northernmost part of Labrador.
  • An article on the Ungava Bay Basin ecoregion of Labrador which extends northward from Schefferville and encompasses most of the Labrador Hills in northeastern Quebec.
  • This ecoregion extends northeast from Winokapau Lake and borders the western extensions of the Lake Melville ecoregion.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Animals - The Newfoundland Dog, Labrador Retriever, and Newfoundland Pony