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Many people remember good times in the Kitchen. This passage is taken from an interview with Mr. Edgar Mudge:

"If there was no fresh meat of any kind of course--Sunday dinner was always a big cooked dinner, of course, which is typical of a lot of Newfoundland families today. And if there was no fresh of any kind--like you couldn't go to the store to buy fresh meat of any kind like you can today because most of the stores didn't have any kind of electricity for refrigeration. So you would get your rabbits, and your turrs, and your moose and your rabbits and what have you. If there was none of that, on occasion, what would you make gravy from? The lady of the house where I stayed--she would fry bologna and she would make bologna gravy and that's what we would have for Sunday dinner.

"I remember as kids, if there were baked rabbits for Sunday dinner, we would fight over who would get the head. You'd break it apart and the brain was inside. Actually, it's quite tasty, quite tasty."


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