Surf's Up: Confederation on the Web (An Excerpt)
by John Gushue, The Telegram

March 23, 1999. Copyright © 1999, The Telegram. Reprinted with permission. The Telegram can be reached on the web at

Over the next week or so, expect to hear and see much about the 50th anniversary of Confederation. The Internet is also doing its part to contribute to our understanding of the events of a half-century ago. Today we look at some sites that will illuminate an important part of our history.

The Confederation Debate: 50 Years and Counting

An elegant, enriched spinoff of the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage site, this collection of pages contains probably the best online resources about the Confederation period. In addition to plenty to read, there are multimedia options, including highlights from the long out-of-print album And Oh, What a Battle It Was!, which included speeches from the National Convention.

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