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Localities Number of Boats Number of Fishermen Number of Splitters Number of Flat Boats Herring Nets Mackerel Nets Herring Seines Caplin Seines Mackeral Seines Sand Eel Seines Cod Seines Cod - Quintals Salmon -Barrels Trout - Barrels Mackerel - Barrels Herring - Barrels Halibut -Barrels Cod Liver Oil - Gallons Commencement of Cod Fishing Conclusion of Cod Fishing Remarks
Blancs Sablons, Wood and Green Islands 57 114 90 15 .. .. 5 4 .. 6 2 1,900 .. .. .. 200 10 1,116 June 20 Aug. 15 CAPLIN.
Caplin made its appearance on the Coast of Labrador and on the North Shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, from Blancs Sablons to Mingan, about the 10th and 15th June.

The Sand Eel came at the same time as the Herring ; that is, from Blancs Sablons to Mingan, about the 10th June, and from the latter place to St. Nicholas Harbour on the 1st June.
This fish appeared on the 13th June in Blancs Sablons Bay, and at about the same time as far as Mingan.


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