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STATEMENT shewing[sic] the number of Fishing Boats, Men, &c., &c., engaged in the Fisheries of the Counties of Gaspé and Bonaventure, the Coast of Labrador, the north shore of the Gulf and Lower St. Lawrence, in 1863.


Coast of Labrador, and North shore of the Gulf and River St. Lawrence.

Quantity of Fish Caught
Localities Number of Fishing Boats Value of Fishing Boats Number of Fishermen Number of Stagers Codfish - Summer Fishing Codfish Fall Fishing Haddock Halibut Herring Mackerel Salmon Trout Cod-liver Oil Remarks
$ Quintals Quintals Quintals Barrels Barrels Barrels Barrels Barrels Gallons
Blancs Sablons Bay 25 750 50 35 1,500 250 .. .. 150 .. .. .. 600 Cod fishing on the north shore, from Blanc Sablon to Mingan, was not very good. It is calculated that this fishery did not yield more than one-third of a good one, taking into consideration the number of fisherment engaged on this part of the shore during the season. Cod came late, and in some places, as at Mutton Bay, Little Meccatina, and other ports, the fishermen could catch but a few quintals.
Isle à Bois..       … 40 1,200 80 57 2,000 150 .. .. 250 .. .. .. 645


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