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No. 1606.



July 1916, p. 63.
St. John's, Newfoundland,
8th June, 1916.
Dear Editor,
A great many friends have asked me to put into the magazine some account of the labours of good men on the Labrador and northern Newfoundland before we came. I have not now the facts at my disposal nor time to devote to a description of their labours. Many and good they have been, unselfish and self-sacrificing and all the more like their Master, because having chosen the less populous parts of the world for their labours, they were content to forfeit the meed of praise they would have received in other parts of the world. It would be a very delightful task if some one would contribute the lives of good men in these fields before us. There is an old Latin phrase “ Vixere fortes ante Agamemnona,” and we ought perhaps to have realised beforehand that it would not be illspent time to study the lives of these good men. In Labrador, there were especially a number of Church of England clergy, some prominent Roman Catholic priests and ministers of other denominations, not forgetting our dearly beloved friend, Mr. Carpenter of the Congregational mission. No more heroic record of missionary labours exists in the world than those of the Moravian brethren in the Labrador. Nor has Labrador ever been the scene of the organised liquor traffic in the same way as in the “ civilised parts of the world ” ; nor to-day are we the only workers in the Labrador and northern Newfoundland. The Moravians have erected a nice little hospital at the north end of the country, and a devoted physician resides there and does good work among the Eskimos. The first visit of an English Church Bishop was in 1848, and since that day some excellent men have maintained their missions in the North. The names of Horwood, Colley, Quintin, Shears, Holmes, Bull, and many others are remembered with affection by the people of to-day. It has been our privilege to co-operate with those who carry on their work now—Mr. Gardner, Mr. Pitcher, Father Brown, Father March and others.
Dr. Levi Curtis has promised us an article on “ Worthies of the Methodist Church who worked in Labrador,” and Dr. Edgar Jones has promised one on “ Worthies of the Church of England.” I am hoping also to have one on the “ Priests of the Roman Catholic Church ” by a former worker.

Believe me to remain,
Sincerely yours,


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