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Supplement to Part VII (Correspondence
documents and papers relating to the
history of the administration of the
Coast of Labrador).

No. 1590.


[HALDIMAND PAPERS, B. 2-1, page 137.]

[2 Mar. 1775.]
My Lord—When I had the honor of seeing your Lordships yesterday relative to some difficulties likely to arise on the Coast of Labradore by the operation of the New Quebec Laws, you were so good as to permit me to state the same in writing, that your Lordship might thereby be enabled to give the necessary Instructions to Governor Carleton on that matter.
Immediately after the conquest of the Province of Canada some of the English Settlers became adventurers in the Seal, Salmon, and Cod fisheries on that Coast, Mr. Lymburner a correspondant of mine was one of the first and principal, he purchased from the French some sealing posts, and when Labradore was put under the Government and subjected to the fishing laws of Newfoundland he in virtue of those laws took possession of some other fishing posts which never had been occupied ; those have been settled at a very great expense and he had continued to hold them, by observing and complying with the different Regulations from time to time made by Governor Palliser and others, particularly in sending out a fishing Vessel annually from Great Britain. Mr. Lymburner has at present effects to the amount of £6000 at his different Posts on the Coast of Labradore and employs a great number of Men, and had he not been supported by me and supplied with large Sums of Money to carry him through this extensive undertaking, he must soon have failed in the prosecution thereof, which was the fate of most of the other adventurers.
In consequence of annexing the above Coast to the Government of Quebec, to take place in May some of the French Inhabitants have thought proper to lay claim to some of the Posts settled and now occupied by my correspondent, founded as they say on Grants formerly made to them of their predecessors by the French King.
I have therefore most earnestly to request your Lordship that directions may be given—when such claims have undergone a proper examination in Canada if found Valid for any of the Posts, that Mr. Lymburner may have a reasonable time allowed him to withdraw his effects from such posts, other-wise he will suffer a manifest injury.

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And with regard to those he now occupied, after having settled at a great expence, which are not comprehended in any grant and consequently not claimed by right—I pray your Lordship will desire Governor Carleton to allow Mr. Lymburner in the quiet possession thereof a preference with regard to such Posts, he is in every respect entitled to.
I have only farther humbly to request your Lordship will give the necessary Instructions on this matter as soon as may be convenient.
I am etc.,


10 Coleman St.,
March 2nd, 1775.



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