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No. 1581.


June, 1836.

Sunday 12th June. A stormy night. About 10 a.m. the wind became favourable, we weighted. Mr. Robertson gave me the Balances of a few of his Indians, as they visit the Upper part of Esqx. Bay or rivers of that place. We had fine sailing all day.
Saturday, June 18th . . . “ We are completely misinformed as to the direct place where we were bound to, when f left Quebec. The place now is called ' Ionctoke or Hamiltons' Inlet ' the Bay itself is 90 miles and about 20 to 24 miles broad. At the entrance of the Bay Mr. D. R. Stewart has an establishment called Rigolette, and another at the bottom of the Bay, at the entrance of North West River, also a post at Kibocock, 80 or 90 miles to the Northward of Esqx. Bay, along the Coast. Mr. McKenzie says that the best year in furs, that were collected here, was procured by himself say 200 lbs. Beaver & 1200 Martens from Indians and Planters.”
July, 1836.

Tuesday 19th July. We arrived at the entrance of Esquimaux Bay at 2 p.m. Here we found Mr. D. R. Stewarts' establishment, called Rigolette. A Mr. Brownson—a petty trader on his own account, invited us to his house, and offered us any assistance. Mr. McKenzie landed about 4 miles below this to see a party of Indians, belonging to North West River (where we are bound for) and endeavour to get them to embark with us. They are tented with a planter of the name of Thomas Groves, who has kept them together, expecting Mr. McKenzie or some one else.
Wednesday, 20th July. 5 Indians with their families & Canoes arrived, they were treated with Biscuit, Pork & Grog. The planters here seem dissatisfied wt. Stewart. Mr. Davis is in charge here. The two brothers Pinette came over and hired to the Co. at £20 Cy. per annum for 2 years. I had been directed to secure these 2 men. As they are attending to their fisheries, I leave them there for the present . . .

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Tuesday, August 16th . . . “ Our opponents from the number of men which they have will establish

Moolagan . . . . . . . . 2 men
Kinimo River . . . . . . . . 2
Grand River . . . . . . . . 2
Norht West River . . . . . . . . 2

These outposts to intercept Indians at the same time to hunt Martins. We will be obliged to do the same, but our operations will be late, as we have no buildings up as yet.”

Sunday, October 16th. Fine weather. William & John Mesher with their families arrived to be equipped by us. They are planters, the former to winter in Goose Bay. At the bottom of Esqx. Bay, and the latter up Grand River about 8 miles above Groves.

Monday, October 17th. Snow and sleet. Equipping the Meshers some of Comeau's people off up North West River (by rights this river ought to be called Hamilton, as laid down by Chart—as well as this Bay, instead of Esquimaux Bay) and 2 men in a boat for Kinimish. The men variously employed. Having sent McKay & Clouston to assist Groves to his ho. they returned today. Some Indians have cast up at Kinimo River but instead of going to see Mr. Nolin, they visited the opponents, and delivered best part of their furs. Mr. Nolin in the first place was outwitted in the Fall, for as soon as the opponents found Mr. N. along side of him, then they decamped, and built about half a league above him, but he ought to have followed them. This may account, that the Indians did not know where Mr Nolin was. This intelligence I received by a note from Mr. McKenzie today. McKay brought it.

January, 1837.

Saturday, January 7th, 1837. The planters off by break of day. They will have bad roads. The men working at various jobs. At 6 p.m. arrived old Ushita with 3 Nascapies, one of them is the Great Chief of that tribe. They were 13 days coming here, and left 5 more of their party about 4 days march off. They are not coming here. A voyage is now necessary to be made there. These Indians brought some furs. Stormy weather.
Monday, January 9th. Equipped the Nascopies and the following furs were recd. viz. 23 deer skins, 48 Martins, 1 Rat, 23 Sinews, 1 white fox, 1 Mink, 3 large Beavers, and 5 small Beaver. They say that they suppose that

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Mr. Erlandson has a fort about 2 days march beyond Meshegamau Lake, for they observed smoke in the direction of Lake Pa Ki, she, que baw.
Wednesday, January 18th. Early in the morning I sent off the Indians of the 16th and I left the House in charge of Sinclair to go to Mesher to see if I can manage to get a House sawed in planks of 3 In. thick, I intend it should be 24 feet square, and to be placed at Rigolette. . . .
Wednesday, January 25th. Cold day, Alic went to Kinimish to gather leather and bring home a few Paris snow shoes. The men employed bringing fire wood. At night Mr. J. McKenzie and party cast up with 2 Nascapies. They were not altogether and he was obliged to go from one camp to another to collect what he brought. The first or second day after they left this, they killed some deer, which was put on a scaffold. We shall go for this meat in due time.


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