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No. 1571.



To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty in Council

The humble Petition of the Governor and Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudsons Bay

That your Petitioners some time since presented a Petition to Your Majesty in Council refering to a Letter from Henry Goulburn Esquire dated the 3rd day of May 1820 whereby your Petitioners were informed that the several Memorials and documents which have from time to time been addressed to the Right Honorable Earl Bathurst, your Majestys principal Secretary of State for Colonial Affairs, as well by your petitioners, as by the North West Company had some time previously been submitted to Your Majesty in Council, and praying leave to refer to the said Memorials and, Documents, and to exhibit other evidence in support of their said Petition, and to be heard by Counsel thereon ; and that your Majesty would graciously be pleased to declare that by virtue of the Letters Patent of His Majesty King Charles the Second (therein set forth) your Petitioners are the sole and absolute Lords Proprietors of all Lands between the extreme heights from which any waters flow into the Seas within Hudsons Streights and the said Seas ; and that your Majesty would be pleased to appoint Commissioners to run a Line along the said heights, or would otherwise determine more precisely the said boundary ; and that your Majesty would also be graciously pleased to declare that your petitioners are justly entitled to have, hold, enjoy and exercise all the lawful rights of Territory and Jurisdiction granted in Your Petitioners said Charter, within the boundary so defined, or thereafter to be more precisely determined, and that means might be taken to stop further outrages both within and without the aforesaid Territory, and that such further relief might be granted to your Petitioners in the premises as to your Majesty in your wisdom might seem meet.
That your Petitioners are informed that the said North West Company have presented a Memorial to Your Majesty praying that your Majesty would be graciously pleased to give your Royal Warrant to your Majesty's Attorney General thereby authorizing and directing him to cause a Scire

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Facias to be sued out in your Majestys name, for repealing the said Letters Patent.
That the Memorial of the said North West Company has by an Order of Council been referred to Your Majesty's Attorney and Solicitor General to report thereon, & that your petitioners are informed that no proceeding will be taken by your Majesty in Council on your Petitioners said Petition until your Majestys Attorney and Solicitor General shall have made their Report on the said Memorial of the North West Company.
That it is of the greatest importance to your Petitioners, and to the due protection of the lives and property of the persons now settled on your Petitioners said Territory, as also to that of the Servants & others employed in the Trade with the Indians, that the decision of your Majesty in Council, on the prayer of your Petitioner as set forth in their said Petition, and on the questions in dispute relating thereto, should if possible be obtained in the course of the present year.

Wherefore your Petitioners most humbly pray that your Majesty will be graciously pleased to direct, that Your Majesty's Attorney and Solicitor General be instructed to take the said Memorial of the North West Company into their early consideration, and to permit Counsel to attend them on the part of your petitioners in opposition to the said Memorial, and that your petitioners may be at liberty to lay before your Majesty's Attorney and Solicitor General evidence relating to the matters alledged in their said Memorial and that your Majesty's said Attorney and Solicitor General be further instructed to report on the whole at their earliest convenience.
And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray &c.

By Order of the Governor & Committee
of the said Company,

W. SMITH, Secy.(L.S.)
Hudson's Bay House,
London, 2nd August, 1820.


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