p. 4119

No. 1565.



Hudsons Bay House,
19th April 1816.
The Rt Honble. Earl Bathurst &c., &c.

My Lord :
I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of Mr. Goulburn's letter of the 12th inst. in which he informs me that your Lordship with a view to ascertain the extent of jurisdiction which the Hudsons Bay Company can legally claim under their Charter have refered the case to the consideration of His Majestys Law Servants & I have to assure your Lordship of the perfect readiness of the Hudsons Bay Company to afford to them every assistance which their documents may furnish & to facilitate by every means in their power the legal determination of so important a question.
I beg leave to recall it to your Lordships recollection that the Directors of the H.B.Co. have in former communications expressed an anxious wish for the opinion of the Law Officers of the Crown upon this question, that they might have either the additional weight of their authority as confirming the opinions of Mr. Justice Holroyd, Sir Saml. Romilly, Mr Scarlett, Mr. Bell & Mr. Cruise or that had His Majesty's Attorney & Solicitor differed from those great authorities, that means might have been found to bring these Chartered Rights at once before the King in Council.
In consequence of your Lordship having expressed decided objections to the formation of the Company's Servants & others into Volunteer Corps for their mutual protection, I have to inform your Lordship that the Hudsons Bay Company will suspend this measure upon the authority of your Lordships' Letter, in the firm reliance that His Majestys Government will take effectual steps for the protection of the lives & properties of the British Subjects settled within the Companys Territories, as the Board of Directors feel a very great responsibility in withholding the only protection which they have the means of immediately affording them.

I have the honour to be
(Signed)JOS. BERINS, Gov.


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