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No. 1548.

20th JULY, 1752.


To the Right Hon:ble the Lords Cornmiss:rs of Trade & Plantations

The Humble Memorial of the Gov. & Company of Advent:rs of England Trading into Hudsons Bay

May it please your Lordships

In obedience to your Lordships Orders of the 9th of July Instant signifying unto your Memorialists, that your Lordships have under your Consideration a Petition of several Merch:ts of London, Praying for a Grant of all that part of America lying upon the Atlantick Ocean on the East part, Extending South and North from 52 Degrees of Northern Latitude from the Equinoctial Line to 60 Degrees of the same Northern Latitude, called Laboradore, or New Britain, not at this time actually possessed by any of his Majestys Subjects, or the Subjects of any Christian Prince or State ; and requiring your Memorialists to inform your Lordships whether they claim any or what Right to the said Tract of Land.
Your Memorialists represent to your Lordships that his late Majesty King Charles the Second by his Letters Patent, under the Great Seal, bearing date the 2nd day of May in the 22nd year of his Reign, was Graciously pleased to Incorporate the said Govr. and Comp.a and Grant unto them the Sole Trade and Commerce of all those Seas, Streights, Bays, Rivers, Lakes, Creeks and Sounds in whatsoever Latitude they should be that lie within the Entrance of Hudsons Streights, Together with all the Lands and Territories upon the Countrys Coasts and Confines thereof, which were not then Actually Possessed by or Granted to any of his Majestys Subjects or Possessed by the Subjects of any other Christian Prince.
That the said Tract of Land called the Laboradore throughout its whole Extent, on the North and West sides thereof, from the said 60th Degree of Northern Latitude down to the 52d Degree lyes on Hudsons Streights and Bay, and forms the Coast thereof, from the first Entrance into the said Streights running all along the South sides of the said Streights, to the Opening into the Bay, and from thence all along the East side of Hudsons Bay down to the Bottom or South End thereof ; and as all the Lands and Territories upon the Coasts and Confines of the said Streights and Bay,

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together with the sole Trade and Commerce thereof are by the said Letters Patent Granted to the said Governor and Company, your Memorialists Conceive they have a just Right and Claim under the said Letters Patent to the said Tract of Land called the Laboradore and the Trade thereof.
That your Memorialists have made and do maintain several Settlements on the said Laboradore on the East side of the Bay, and by means thereof, as well as by their Shipping carry on Trade and Commerce with the Natives there, and who come down the Rivers and otherways, many days Journey from within the Land to Trade with the Company and your Memorialists have been at very great Expence to Establish and Encrease a Trade there, and particularly within these few years have Expended £10,000 Sterling and upwards in making a new Settlement on the Eastern side of the Bay near the middle of the said Laboradore which they Expect will Command the whole Trade of the said Laboradore, even to the East part or Coast thereof and are at a continual great Expence in Supporting the same and have ordered Persons to be sent up into the country to Encourage the Trade thither from within the Land, and are in hopes of having some return from thence to Answer such their great Expence, tho' as yet they have Reaped little or no Benefit therefrom.
And your Memorialists beg leave to represent to your Lordships that the Laboradore is a most Barren Tract of Land, has few Inhabitants, Is Productive of little or no Beavers and of very few other Furrs or Merchandize of Value, Insomuch that your Memorialists cannot but be of Opinion, That whoever Petition for a Grant of Land there, must do it with a view of having an opportunity by means of the footing they will thereby Gain to draw from the said Hudsons Bay Company some of their Trade in those Parts and the Neighbourhood thereof, which it is humbly Hoped will not be Permitted to be done, but that your Memorialists Rights shall be Preserved to them.
All which is most humbly Submitted to your Lordships

30 Hudson's Bay House
20 July, 1752.

By Order of the Gov. and Committee of the Hudson's Bay Co.

Presented same
day & C.H.


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