The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume VIII

Mr. Pulteney to Mr. Sec. Craggs, 4th May, 1720.

p. 4082

No. 1543.


Paris, May the 4th, N.S., 1720.

My Lord Stair has spoke to the Regent, who said immediately that the Conferences shall be renewed whenever we please ; his Excellency then desired His Royal Highness would appoint a day, which he promised to do. This is what the Regent has promised my Lord Stair once every week, for four or five months past, without any effect, and His Excellency does not expect any more from the promise now, tho' possibly a Conference may be appointed for form sake. I have been here near six months, and have seen only one Conference, which was appointed by my Lord Stanhope's desire ; I think there had been two Conferences before I came ; at the first of them the Commissions were read, and at the second my Lord Stair and Mr. Bladen gave in a memorial about the limits of the Hudson Bay Company, to which no answer has been made . . . . I must own that I never could expect much success from this Commission, since the French interests and ours are so directly opposite, and our respective pretensions interfere so much with each other on the several points we were to treat about ; but that the French have not been willing to entertain us now and then with a Conference, and try how far we might be disposed to comply with any of the views they had in desiring the Commission, cannot, I should think, be accounted for, but by supposing they knew we came prepared to reject all their demands, and to make very considerable ones for ourselves . . . . I shall expect your further directions as to my stay or return ; I cannot help owning I heartily wish for the latter, but I shall always submit to what His Majesty likes best, and shall only desire in this case that I may have a supply from the Treasury, since I have not had the good fortune to be concerned in either of the Misiseppis.

* Reprinted from Joint Appendix of Documents, Ontario-Manitoba Boundary Case, (P.C.), pp. 511–12.


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